HOME is where the heart is. The heart of BLC is the passion for work environments that take into account the well being of the workforce, and by so doing improve the bottomline for the employer.

Ever imagine:

  • A workplace with little to no petty politics?
  • A workplace with an ethical atmosphere where everyone felt respected?
  • Losing track of time while at work, because it’s a great place to be?
  • Going home, and enjoying the family time, uninterrupted by work stress?

Drawing on her 30+ years in the construction industry, her hands on experience with multiple employers (large and small), her experience in training, coaching and speaking Bonnie Bakkum is just the person to help you CONSTRUCT YOUR BEST WORK LIFE.

According to the “State of the American Workplace Report 2013″ prepared and published by Gallup,

“Only 22% of U.S. employees are engaged and thriving at work.”

Whether you are a C-Level person within your company, or any other level within your place of employment, if you understand the value of employee engagement and want to make changes to increase the employee engagement at your company or for you personally, I would like to help you.
-I will work with your company
-I will also work with you on a one to one basis

Let’s begin with a FREE 30 minute coaching consult. Send me a message to get us started on the path to Positive Engaging Work Change.

Bakkum Life Construction, LLC is passionate about positive and healthy work environments.

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